How to Take Care of your Hearing Aid order to better understand how to care for your hearing aid, you need to understand how they work check this link thelondontinnitustreatmentclinic. Even though hearing aids differ with special features, technology level, volume controls, amplication, design, and size, they all have the same basic components. All Hearing Aids regardless of style have a microphone, amplifier, receiver, and a battery.There are several different styles of hearing aids with their own design and comfort. Some of the different styles of hearing aids are the in-the-canalhearing aid, the in-the-ear hearing aid and the behind-the-ear hearing aid. You will also find a few other hearings aids that have a specific purpose such as bone conductive hearing aids (BAHA) for those who do not have an outer ear or ear canal and the hearing aid that moves the sound from one ear to the other ear.

Custom-made hearing aids can even be built into eyeglasses for convenience and comfort. There are three basic types of technology used in hearing aids: The conventional hearing aid, the analog hearing aid, and the digital hearing aid. Almost all hearing aid users find that digital hearing aids are far superior to any other type of hearing aid. Some hearing aids have special features such as a telephone switch (T-coil) for switching between normal hearing and talking or listening on a telephone.

Most T-coils today are automatic and can sense when a telephone is placed near the ear. Directional microphones are a new feature that enable you to pick up sounds in front of you while automatically reducing sounds from behind you to help with conversations in noisy places such as restaurants.

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