Types of Hearing Impairment and its Treatment

There are various factors which lead to loss of hearing, while ageing is considered to be the biggest cause of hearing loss it may also be congenital or may occur due to trauma. Hearing impairment can occur due to different reasons and is classified according to the type of malfunction, severity, extent of disability and stage of occurrence. Based on the above mentioned factors loss in hearing can be broadly classified into six major types: conductive hearing loss, sensory hearing loss, neural hearing loss, mixed hearing loss which is a combination of both, unilateral and bilateral hearing loss.

Prelingual deafness and Postlingual deafness is another parameter which decides the course of medication for hearing impairment. There are different hearing tests that determine the degree of hearing impairment and help the doctors in diagnosis and treatment, go check in this site whyaremyearsringing.co.uk, for more information related to hearing tests.

As the name conductive suggests, this type of hearing impairment is caused due to failure in conduction of sound waves from outer ear to the ear drum. This type of impairment is usually attributed to the malfunction of middle ear and is associated with reduction in the capacity to hear faint sounds.

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